miércoles, abril 09, 2008

Plan9 Security

Plan9 is a new concept of operative system, I like it but I am not confident about its security.

- It saves all the passwords used to connect to remote services in the cache

- There are grids open, maybe are vulnerable a some kind of worms, or can be use as DDoS platforms.

- When you introduce the password to log-in to remote file-server, is viewed in plaint-ext at the screen.

- plan9 services are vulnerable to a stack attacks.

plan9 Security
plan9 Shellcode
plan9 scheduler
pegassus, plan9 webserver
acid, plan9 debugger

I have recorded a video introducing the acid debugger usage.

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Arnold dijo...

Nice operative system, I have tested acid, and sincerely, I prefer gdb or windbg.